Is It Possible to Recover Data from an Overwritten Hard Drive?

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The magnetic domains on the Hard Disk Drive are re-magnetized when data is overwritten. The previous information stored in this location is physically removed, making it an irreversible procedure. Theoretically, there could be partial restoration as there are residual physical traces of the changes or none changes in magnetization that potentially would remain. It would need the use of magnetic force microscope or similar technologies, none of which have been shown to recover data successfully.

There has been an ongoing debate on whether overwritten data is recoverable or not. Some believe the government or the secret service has got the special tools that could recover, others believe it is impossible to recover overwritten data. The big question is, is it possible to recover data from an overwritten hard drive?

Usually, files that have been deleted or corrupted and removed can be retrieved if the file has not been overwritten with a new file. That is why it is important to act fast in recovering lost files so files do not get overwritten on. Trojan attacks, physical damage or over heating are all caused by hard drive crashes.

Every PC user should understand the importance of backing up data to hinder the permanent data memory loss. As much as data recovery is possible, ensuring systems are in play in case are over written and it becomes irreversible.

How can I recover my data from a overwritten hard drive?

If you need to retrieve an earlier version of a file that has been overwritten by latest save operation, then simply search for the .tmp.files in your computer. The.tmp files are copies of the prior versions of that which you are working on. Locate a.tmp version that has the needed content. It is a wearisome procedure, but you can retrieve portions of previous file that has been over written.

Data recovery software comes in handy if the data has been completely overwritten. Most commercial data rescue applications can only retrieve deleted or corrupted data, Is It Possible to Recover Data from an Overwritten Hard Drive?it is why you need to be sure the software is intended to rescue overwritten files. When installing the software, always install it in another separate partition of your hard disk, thus another computer. If you install the software in the drive where the overwritten files are located can complicate your work as the application could further overwrite what you want to recover.

For a safer approach after accidentally overwriting important information, seek help from professional data recovery service. An excellent and reliable specialized data recovery services use a combination of hardware and software recovery systems to restore overwritten files. This is a assurance that your data will be restored fully.

Data Recovery Success Rates Are Better Than Ever

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It is interesting to browse the success rate of data recovery experts. Over the last few years or so, the companies with specialized niche in data recovery have been coming away with the flying colors. The reasons are not too difficult to understand. Software development has come a long way towards boosting of data recovery process. If you take the overall unrecoverable rates; then, you will find that the rates are as low as six percent. On the other hand, the rate of damage is as low as 1.5%.

Role of the experts


There are definite factors that have worked in unison, to contribute to the Data recovery successquotient. Credit is ascribable to contributions made by engineers, IT experts and the recovery consultants. The joint endeavor has yielded rich dividends. The expert facilitators have left no stone unturned in providing the clients and customers with the following:

  • Cost free evaluation of the corrupted data, and specialized approach to data recovery. You may seek the assistance of a professionally versatile data recovery facilitator. It will not only make a cost-free evaluation but will not charge a pie, unless the process of recovery, comes to the end
  • In the case, there is no recovery; then, you will not have any expenses to bear. Thirdly, the process takes place in a safe and secure manner. In the course of the recovery process, you can never expect data leakage to take place
  • The prospect may relate to the logical process of recovery, or the rectification of a physical hard disc defect. Either way, there is a concerted focus on method and meticulousness.
  • You can expect the recovery process to take place in a controlled ambience that is free from dust particles.
  • It is needless to say that all these factors have worked together to contribute to the success story

The general scenario

The clean room laboratories that channelize the physical data recovery process are marked by the presence of the motion detectors, cameras and the different types of access controls. A well-equipped laboratory has a crucial role to play in unleashing the Data recovery success story. It is needless to say that the expert facilities have been making use of the most sought-after software and hardware tools and techniques.

Even if you take the individual cases of software tools that are primarily meant for the DIY projects; then also, you will come across an overwhelming saga of success. Here again, you ought to give due credit to the software engineers and the computer hardware specialists. The data analysts, recovery experts and the technicians have often put their head together, to come up with a cutting edge data recovery solution. Be it business communication, or any other modes of official transaction; the entire process rests on the influx and exchange of data. The increase in the use and influx of data has also increased the possibilities of data wastage. The prospect in turn, has led to the evolution and development of top call data recovery techniques. This paves the way to the success rate of data retrieval process.

How Do They Do Digital Camera Data Recovery?

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A camera that is digital in nature makes use of a unique memory card. The card includes a storage device that facilitates the accumulation of digital contents. The digital camera becomes incomplete and ineffective without the inclusion of this electronic flash storage system. The memory card has different variations. The forms and types may differ, but it is compulsory for the camera to have the memory card backup.

 Features of the data recovery system

It is not too difficult to understand the role and relevance of the memory card. The card facilitates storage of data including still and moving pictures. The digital camera data recovery process becomes necessary to track down and retrieve the lost data. A logical error may have led to the deletion of pictures. Under such a circumstance, you should know to use and apply the recovery software.


  • The software has the power and potential to recover and retrieve a diverse array of deleted filed including photos, moving images, sounds and other relevant inputs and information
  • The recovery software synchronizes perfectly with the active disc of data storage. The software program also has the potential to realize the objectives of the RAID system of data recovery
  • There is one more aspect that proves to be advantageous. You can run this particular recovery software across a diverse array of operating systems including the Mac and the Windows-based operating system
  • The software application is easy to use, and you can undertake the recovery process, by yourself. You only need to follow the instructions that come in a sequential series of steps. If necessary, you may take professional help, but by and large, the recovery process is easy to accomplish and objectify.

The step wise process

It all begins with the downloading of the software application. Selecting the disc that has undergone the loss is the next thing to do. Once, you have connected the disc to the operating system, you are supposed to click on the scanning button. From then on, the process takes off. As part of the scanning process, the recovery tool scans the disc that has been selected. The objective up here is to locate and track down the lost data. The next step relates to previewing the recoverable files. You can review the pictures or the lost files that you have recovered. The final step relates to clicking the recovery button. The purpose over here is to rearrange and recover the lost files.

In this stage, it is important to avoid overwriting. The digital camera data recovery process unleashes itself in such a way that you can arrange the file, one after another, in a sequential series of steps. Overwriting and overcrowding should be avoided. It is possible to avoid the same, only when you make an effective use of the recovery button. The instructions are easy to follow, and in the course of downloading, you will come across the mentioned series of instructions. If you follow the instructions carefully, you can retrieve the images to your system. Get back those priceless memories with your dear ones.

Is UNIX Data Recovery Harder Than With Windows?

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More than one hundred different companies offer data recovery software. Due to the large selection it is not easy for one to determine which type of data recovery software to use. All data recovery options will depend upon the type of operating system is installed on the computer. The system could be Windows or Unix and not all software will work on each given system. However, it is important to look at the systems themselves to see which operating system has the greatest advantage for data recovery.

When it comes to data recovery it is important to select the right system for you. There are many differences between the Unix Data Recovery Houston system and Windows data recovery. Window users face many obstacles with security issues as it is a hacker’s primary target. A Unix system is under constant monitoring from a community of developers making security risks low. It is likely that both systems at some point will need to undergo some data recovery. The recovery of data from a Unix system will differ from the recovery in a Windows system.

Cost efficiency


Unix data recovery and systems will vary in prices. This is because of the number of vendors offering the product. Windows data recovery and systems will cost around two hundred dollars (with upgrades costing a bit more).

Development and distribution

Windows data recovery platforms have been developed by Microsoft and are distributed by Microsoft. Various vendors, such as AT&T and a few non-profit organizations, develop Unix data recovery platforms. This makes access and prices vary greatly. The main distributors of Unix data recovery and systems are IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Solaris.

Usage of data recovery

Windows data recovery and systemsare used for desktop computers, laptop services, and certain phone systems. The Unix data recovery and systemsare used for workstations and desktop computers, Internet servers, and by major finance companies.

Type of data recovery needed

Discovering which system is a better fit for your needs will depend on the type of data loss and user friendly techniques available. Windows is known for having a user-friendly system that enables smooth access of data recovery. Not all Windows systems offer the same kinds of data recovery. If there is a file deletion with your data loss, then Windows may not be ideal. Users are unable to save or install any new information to the drive for data recovery in Windows. This means all data recovery work must be done using a second computer.   All commands are originating from one location.

Unix data recovery and Unix systems face a different challenge. The Unix system is not as user friendly as the Windows system, but the Unix data recovery stands a better chance of data retrieval. This is especially true when dealing with data deletion, as there is no need to worry about overwriting old data with new data when installing software.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when deciding between a Unix and a Windows system. If you have a Windows system, a second computer will be needed to perform a data recovery. With a Unix system, the user will have a better chance of data recovery but can vary in cost greatly and will require more knowledge on the user’s part.

Most Data Loss Requires Logical Data Recovery

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You are trying to access data, but in the course of doing so, you are encountering an issue. If you come across an error message, in the process; then you can be sure that there has been a logical error. You are unable to access the data. It is evident that data loss has taken place, and since you have encountered the error message, you can be sure that the issue seems to be a logical one. Logical odds and issues require software-based solution modules. Mechanical, as well as electronic issues may affect the hard drives. Under such a situation, it is necessary to address the physically damaged hard drive for rectifying the mechanical issue.

The main characteristics

It is also a fact that logical issues are more frequent than mechanical issues of physical damage. The former is easily rectifiable by the logical data recovery process. The process doesn’t require manual repairing of the damaged storage device. The following happens to be the defining hallmarks of logical recovery procedure:


  • First, the repairer seeks to retrieve and rebuild a corrupted file, one that has been either damaged by a virus attack or by the error of a user
  • As said before, the operating system will recognize the drive, but it will come with an error message. The message happens to be a sure shot indication of the data loss that has taken place.
  • So, the repairer seeks to retrieve the user error. The software solution used, either tries to address the human error that has accounted for the lapse of the information, or tries to make a virus scan.
  • That’s because malware infiltration is also responsible for disrupting the data storage device, and causing loss of information.
  • The objective of the process is to locate and retrieve the lost data, but not to have those changed. The software-based recovery solution should be such that it aids the recovery and the retrieval process, instead of altering data that has already been stored.

Reasons for seeking professional help

Since you are unable to access the data, you can think of referring the issue to the logical data recovery expert. The expert in turn, will like to assess if things are all fine with the hard drive. It is always preferable to seek professional intervention. That’s because an expert helps determine the best data recovery solution. Left to you, it may not be possible to identify the best and the most appropriate recovery solution. It is here that the expertise intervention comes in as an added ace of an advantage.

With too many software-based solutions doing the rounds, you may not know which to pick, and which will help you through a smooth sailing ride to the recovery process. You already know that the logical problems are more common than the mechanical disc failures. The prospect in turn has boosted the sale and purchase of software solutions to the data recovery. At all cost, you should ensure that the solution guarantees proven results and doesn’t end up destroying the data that you are trying to locate.

What Can A Data Recovery Engineer Do That Software Can’t?

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Quite a few software-based solutions will guide you through the data recovery process. But then, that doesn’t mean you will make instantaneous purchase of one such solution, without analyzing the pros and cons. That’s because not all software solutions are as promising as you may think them to be. It is e time that you take stock of the realities. First and foremost, it is just not possible for the software to identify the exact nature of the problem. Human interference is necessary, and only then, it is possible to discern the exact nature of the problem.

Know the reasons

So, if you have a data recovery process to attend; it is advisable to seek the support of a data recovery engineer. What all, can he do besides finding out the exact nature of the data loss prospect? Here, goes your answer


  • In some cases, a malfunctioning hard disc may account for the data loss that has taken place. Here again, the software-based solution will fail to serve your purpose.
  • As a result, you will need the compulsory involvement of an engineer who is adept at handling the hardware based tools and techniques. The repairer ought to have an in-depth awareness of both the software, as well as, the hardware-centric orientation
  • It takes knowledge, expertise and experience to repair a physically damaged hard disc. So, now you know why the software-centric solution is not the answer.
  • A drive may have malfunctioning sectors. In that case, you are supposed to use the disc utility tool for taking the image of that particular damaged drive. You can go about the process if you have experience and expertise, but otherwise, it is necessary to solicit the support of a hardware engineer. The problem cannot be solved with the help of a software solution.

Points to remember

The rule of the game is simple. It may be possible for the software-centric solutions to address the logical problems, but they may fail to recover data that results from a mechanical or electronic error. As said before, a drive may be physically damaged. It may have become malfunctional because of some reasons, or the other. Under such a situation, you need to solicit the guidance of a data recovery engineer.The objective then will be to stop further corruption of data.

There is one more aspect that deserves your consideration. The aspect relates to the choice of the software solution. Here again, you may need the expertise involvement of a professional engineer. To all intent and purpose, the software-based solution that is supposed to aid the logical recovery process should not end up destroying the inputs and information of the affected drive. In other words, the focus has to be on choosing a pertinent solution that assures long-term results. Besides, you may not know how to follow the instructions and go about the sequential series of steps. Now you know why you will need the compulsory involvement of an expert professional. You need to verify the credentials of the engineer before entrusting your work.

Great Data Recovery Tools – And Ones To Avoid

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You may find yourself, in a state of a fix, after having lost the files that contained valuable bits of information. You think of going about the recovery process. The first thing that comes to the mind is to download a pertinent software application. You already know that there are too many options to consider, but then, you should know how to make the best pick. Before downloading the application, there are certain things to consider.

 The selection parameters

What is necessary is to differentiate quality Data recovery tools from those that are poor in quality. It is fine that you have gone through the review and rating, but it is not the only criterion for selection. There are some definite aspects that you ought to bear in the mind. At your level, you will have the following fact-findings to do

  • Make sure the software application that aids in data recovery process comes with a security policy. At least, the tool should have a basic policy that guarantees the safe storage of the data that you look forward to recovering
  • The application should come from a reliable source, that is willing to provide you with a sealed guarantee
  • At all cost, one of the acclaimed recovery tools should be free from malware. Here again the security policy will serve as the bone and basis of assurance. You will have that extra bit of mental comfort. That’s because you will know for sure that your operating system will remain free from the spyware or any other kind of virus infiltration.
  • It may so happen that the recovery software fails to provide you with the pertinent solution. In that case, you will be under no obligation to make a purchase. This particular point needs to be checked out. You need to be doubly sure about the payment policy. If the package doesn’t provide you with the intended results; you will be under the no compulsion to make the payment. It is necessary to ascertain the payment options that are there before you.

Be careful and cautious

There are certain things that you need to conclude, by yourself. First, it is always better to discard the Data recovery tools that come without a security policy. You already can realize the overwhelming importance of this particular recovery tool. You should avoid downloading application that doesn’t give you guarantees. Apart from these, first, you ought to make out if the software has been successful in recovering the deleted data before settling out the payment bills.

There are some more warning signals to take note of. You need to discontinue a particular set of application if you find that the scheme is affecting the content that you seek to recover. Instead of recovering the content, the application may end up changing the same. In certain cases, the application may be so ineffective as to lead to the destruction of the lost files. Under such situation, you should stop downloading the application, and move over to another option. Take the help of a proficient expert, who will guide you ably.

When To Rebuild A Hard Drive

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There are two types of hard disc failure. On the one hand, you have the oft-repeated logical failures, and on the other hand, you have the failure that is mechanical in nature. The latter is less frequent than the former. If a mechanical failure occurs, you may need to have the disc rebuilt and reset. Besides having the disc repaired, it may also be necessary to have the core logical system of the file addressed. When a mechanical error takes place, it also tends to upset the logical system of file management. But then, you will require to accessing, as well as, reading the data. So, the application of a software-based solution may also be necessary besides tending the mechanical issue that has taken place.

Nature of the drives

The drives have electro-mechanical orientation, and they keep spinning, on a regular basis. Even if the computer system remains idle; then also, the hard disc will keep spinning at their fixed RPM rates. Mechanical failure may disrupt the normal functionality of the drive, but then the crucial question is, when and under what circumstances is it necessary to rebuild hard drive?


  • Large numbers of extraneous factors are responsible for disrupting the hard drive’s functionality. The sudden surge in the power may be a cause for causing hard disc disruption. As a result of this, the file system may get corrupted.
  • The head of the drive may suddenly crash, owing to the mechanical collision. Then, there are other extraneous factors including fire, flood, and sudden fall. All these can cause mechanical disruption
  • Some of the firmware programming may be more susceptible to mechanical damage, than the others.
  • When it comes to the question of rebuilding the drive, then there are two distinct angles to consider. The prospect doesn’t necessarily implicate the mechanical data recovery process. You may have a logical rectification to make, as well in the course of rebuilding.

The process of rebuilding

In fact, the entire concept of the rebuild hard drive service includes an extensive angle. As said before, you may have a logical issue to address, as well. In that case, you can embark upon a DIY project. That’s because the prospect may only require the replacement of the controller card. After this, you can have the system reprogrammed, with the help of relevant software. But then, it is mandatory to take professional help to replace the precise parts of the drive including the read and the write head measures.

You may suddenly come across a situation of a crash where the components are crashing. The drive stops clicking and the motor cease to function. In that case, the best thing to do is to refer the issues to the recovery specialists. The engineers and the repairing technicians know how to go about the process in a room that is free from the dust and debris. The drive needs to be opened for replacing the damaged components. The professional process of hard disc rebuilding and recovery start off with copying the image of the malfunctioning disc and ends with the transfer of the retrieved data.