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Is It Possible to Recover Data from an Overwritten Hard Drive?

Hard Drive

The magnetic domains on the Hard Disk Drive are re-magnetized when data is overwritten. The previous information stored in this location is physically removed, making it an irreversible procedure. Theoretically, there could be partial restoration as there are residual physical traces of the changes or none changes in magnetization that potentially would remain. It would need the use of magnetic force microscope or similar technologies, none of which have been shown to recover data successfully.

There has been an ongoing debate on whether overwritten data is recoverable or not. Some believe the government or the secret service has got the special tools that could recover, others believe it is impossible to recover overwritten data. The big question is, is it possible to recover data from an overwritten hard drive?

Usually, files that have been deleted or corrupted and removed can be retrieved if the file has not been overwritten with a new file. That is why it is important to act fast in recovering lost files so files do not get overwritten on. Trojan attacks, physical damage or over heating are all caused by hard drive crashes.

Every PC user should understand the importance of backing up data to hinder the permanent data memory loss. As much as data recovery is possible, ensuring systems are in play in case are over written and it becomes irreversible.

How can I recover my data from a overwritten hard drive?

If you need to retrieve an earlier version of a file that has been overwritten by latest save operation, then simply search for the .tmp.files in your computer. The.tmp files are copies of the prior versions of that which you are working on. Locate a.tmp version that has the needed content. It is a wearisome procedure, but you can retrieve portions of previous file that has been over written.

Data recovery software comes in handy if the data has been completely overwritten. Most commercial data rescue applications can only retrieve deleted or corrupted data, Is It Possible to Recover Data from an Overwritten Hard Drive?it is why you need to be sure the software is intended to rescue overwritten files. When installing the software, always install it in another separate partition of your hard disk, thus another computer. If you install the software in the drive where the overwritten files are located can complicate your work as the application could further overwrite what you want to recover.

For a safer approach after accidentally overwriting important information, seek help from professional data recovery service. An excellent and reliable specialized data recovery services use a combination of hardware and software recovery systems to restore overwritten files. This is a assurance that your data will be restored fully.