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What Can A Data Recovery Engineer Do That Software Can’t?

Software Can't

Quite a few software-based solutions will guide you through the data recovery process. But then, that doesn’t mean you will make instantaneous purchase of one such solution, without analyzing the pros and cons. That’s because not all software solutions are as promising as you may think them to be. It is e time that you take stock of the realities. First and foremost, it is just not possible for the software to identify the exact nature of the problem. Human interference is necessary, and only then, it is possible to discern the exact nature of the problem.

Know the reasons

So, if you have a data recovery process to attend; it is advisable to seek the support of a data recovery engineer. What all, can he do besides finding out the exact nature of the data loss prospect? Here, goes your answer


  • In some cases, a malfunctioning hard disc may account for the data loss that has taken place. Here again, the software-based solution will fail to serve your purpose.
  • As a result, you will need the compulsory involvement of an engineer who is adept at handling the hardware based tools and techniques. The repairer ought to have an in-depth awareness of both the software, as well as, the hardware-centric orientation
  • It takes knowledge, expertise and experience to repair a physically damaged hard disc. So, now you know why the software-centric solution is not the answer.
  • A drive may have malfunctioning sectors. In that case, you are supposed to use the disc utility tool for taking the image of that particular damaged drive. You can go about the process if you have experience and expertise, but otherwise, it is necessary to solicit the support of a hardware engineer. The problem cannot be solved with the help of a software solution.

Points to remember

The rule of the game is simple. It may be possible for the software-centric solutions to address the logical problems, but they may fail to recover data that results from a mechanical or electronic error. As said before, a drive may be physically damaged. It may have become malfunctional because of some reasons, or the other. Under such a situation, you need to solicit the guidance of a data recovery engineer.The objective then will be to stop further corruption of data.

There is one more aspect that deserves your consideration. The aspect relates to the choice of the software solution. Here again, you may need the expertise involvement of a professional engineer. To all intent and purpose, the software-based solution that is supposed to aid the logical recovery process should not end up destroying the inputs and information of the affected drive. In other words, the focus has to be on choosing a pertinent solution that assures long-term results. Besides, you may not know how to follow the instructions and go about the sequential series of steps. Now you know why you will need the compulsory involvement of an expert professional. You need to verify the credentials of the engineer before entrusting your work.

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