What are the Top Computer Forensic Tools?

Tools for computer forensics are very helpful in our day to day lives. This is because they improve the safety of data which is stored in computers.

By utilizing the tools for computer forensics, we are able to detect the security lapses in the computer system, which lower the level of security in the computer.

There are many computer forensic tools which can be used in Linux and Windows operating system to avoid these attacks. There are many tools which can assist us in controlling the criminal activities which are computer-based.

Below are some popular computer forensic tools.

Live View Software

  • Live view software is ideal in various security procedures involved in computer forensics. It is a great system which assists us to operate a virtual machine found in your present operating system. This is done without the detection of VMware and Workstation server tools.
  • The internet can be used to download it. Live View assists us to develop a panel for system investigation to secure data contained in the computer without disrupting the software installed in the present operating system.
  • You can also utilize other software such as VMware to build vmdk (virtual machine disk) to operate with the newest types of server machines.


  • Another ideal software used in computer forensics is HijackThis. This software works on the registry to eliminate mistakes and malware, ensuring that the registry is tidy and clear.
  • Each time you start your computer again this software utilizes your default setting to bring back the previous nature of your information and files installed in windows.
  • It is a tool which is a form of a computer back up to return your computer to its previous state.
OpenView View


  • Open-file View is another tool for computer forensics which is normally found in an operating system based on Linux. It is not found in windows based as a default.
  • In Linux, you can utilize the command for Isof by using it in the mode for UNIX. It lists down all procedures and files which can be executed. These are the ones operated on a specific computer.
  • This might be a procedure carried out either online or offline (closed and continue procedure).


By utilizing this software, you are able to observe every network traffic which moves to and from the computer.  It is entirely based on computer forensic tools for monitoring network.

Helix 3


Helix 3 assists us to carry out forensics inquiry which is Linux based. It assists us to study the disk tools to find out about the latest changes in files and applications which are computer-based.

In case someone carries out illegal activities, this software enables us to know what was carried out.



Generally, an investigator for computer forensic utilizes tools to compile data from a system, such as a computer without changing the data in the system.

This part of an investigation where care is taken to prevent the original information being changed is an essential rule of examination of computer forensics.